Article Submission to Generate Website Traffic

If you aren’t familiar with SEO and keyword usage you may not be aware that there is a simple way to get your website a ton of traffic with very little work on your end. Using articles that are rich in keywords and that are also informative and well written can help your website have a larger presence online which will bring traffic to your website as well as help you generate more income.

Once your website is perfectly set up, you’ve submitted your site to all the directories you can and you’ve started submitting your links to other websites, you might want to write a few articles that relate to your product, service or niche. Article writing isn’t a simple task, a lot of website owners will pay a writer for their services so that they don’t have to worry about the writing side of it. However, if you are a skilled writer and know a lot about your topic, you should be able to write a few articles about your site. You want to make sure that they are high quality, have no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors, and provide the reader with insight to your product or service without overselling or sounding too aggressive. You will also need to make sure that your content is original. You can do this by checking your articles through a system called CopyScape. It costs $.05 for every search, but you can search for up to 2000 words at a time.

You should also check to make sure that your own articles are not too similar as this can also bring penalties upon your site. Google scans websites’ content on a regular basis, if sites are copied or if they are over using keywords, they will be penalized and your website will show up much lower on the Google ranks. Having original content that uses keywords 3-5% of the time will ensure your site will show up high when users search for a keyword related to your site.

After you’ve written a few great articles you will then want to submit them to article directories. This includes EzineArticles and many more. EzineArticles has a strict guideline to follow and you should use this while writing your content for each directory. Do not submit copied content to article directories either, each submission you make should be original content. This is why it might be effective to hire a skilled writer who knows about the consequences of plagiarized content. You can find great writers who don’t charge an arm and a leg on freelance websites or by searching for SEO article writing on a search engine.

Once your articles are approved through the article directories; when a user searches for a keyword that is related to your articles they will also bring those up when your content is searched for. This gives you a bigger presence online and will help people find your site easier. It also brings traffic indirectly by having them available to users who like to read articles on the directories. There are millions of people who use EzineArticles just to get information and if your content is good enough and interesting enough, they just might click on your link at the end of the article and purchase your product or service or help you generate more traffic by sharing it with their friends!