Article Writing Is A Way To Earn

Perhaps you have the passion to write as well as the skill and hence, you have entered the freelance writing industry. As a freelance writer, there are lots of avenues open for you to earn from. For instance there is blogging, resume writing, copy writing, research report writing, and so on. Have you considered article writing? Online article writing is different from what you may write for the print media. The main difference is that you come to the point quickly. Your target audience needs to know immediately that the article is meant for them. The second very obvious difference is that many a times you need to write in a way that the reader carries out an action of, perhaps, clicking a link.

There are two types of article writing that you could look at:

  • Article writing: Here you will be required to create an article.
  • Article rewriting: Here you are required to change / rewrite an existing article retaining the main thought.

How are articles helpful?

Usually, when you write articles, you have a link to the site that you are referring to. In case your article is being incorporated onto a website, then there would not be a link. Sometimes, articles are uploaded onto blogs as well. Articles are more informative. They are more detailed while being crisp at the same time. There are several spaces on the internet where you can submit your article. These spaces usually have very high traffic and are ranked extremely high on search engines.

How to write a good article meant for the online world:

  • Understand the brief given to you. It is very important for you that you read and understand what is to be written. Don’t make the mistake of assuming. What you may think and comprehend could be very different from what you are supposed to write.
  • When given a topic to write, it is best to let the thoughts incubate and develop before you start to pen them. This is the way to get to the core of the thought and focus on what exactly you should write.
  • Single focus: Each of your articles should have a single focused thought. This is why you need to know your brief and form a synthesis. You have to filter the brief given to you.
  • Use simple lucid language so that it can be understood by many persons from within your target audience.
  • Eye stoppers: In your article, try to have sub-headings and bold the words that may be important. These are eye stoppers. If your target audience is merely scanning your article and taking a cursory look, these eye stoppers will gain their attention and convey a message. This does not mean that you have complete sentences highlighted. Use this very selectively as they can become hindrances to people when they are reading the complete article.
  • Use bullet points. It is easy for the reader to consume your information. It is good for you as well since you will write to the point and not sidetrack.
  • Read after you write. It is essential that you read and edit before you submit your article.

Do you find article writing interesting? Go on and try it.