How To Earn Via Affiliate Marketing

When you search online how to earn from the web it could become increasingly overwhelming. Type into Google search for instance with any of the keywords related to online earning and you will find a plethora of information. Some of them will lead you to proper channels of earning. One of the most successful earning methods is via affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a practice in which the main business rewards you for achieving a certain target. In affiliate marketing, you who are the down-line of a business are known as an affiliate. The target for which you would be rewarded could be either getting traffic for the business’s website, or making sales and so on. At times there is fixed reward and at times there would be a percentage of sales etc. In an affiliate marketing scenario there could be many people. A multiple level of people is popularly known as chain marketing / MLM [multilevel marketing], or there could be a flat system. This is a business decision taken by the head office.

Types of rewards:

The rewards are entirely decided by the head office. They could be in the form of money: fixed, variable or percentage. Rewards could be in the form of discounts, or they could be in gift-from as well.

Parties involved in an affiliate marketing system:

The parties involved directly in this system would be the main head office/ retailer / merchant. Second party would be the affiliates. There could be a line of affiliates to form a chain or a flat system.

Where can you do affiliate marketing?

Usually affiliate marketing is more famous on the internet although it can be done offline as well. Initially affiliate marketing, though was not well known, was started offline by few companies.  In the online space there are various platforms that you can use. For instance if you have your own website or blog you can post on them a write up about the product or service that you are an affiliate of. You can market it on social media sites as well.

You can submit articles of your products and services to various e-zines and online article writing spaces. In this way you can do search engine optimization. You could use advertising and email marketing as well. You could use the commenting format on various blogs and forums. When you take the comments route do minimalistic and relevant comments. This is very crucial as you could stand to be flagged if you merely copy and paste. Before you start you need to be certain on what is allowed by the company and the head office.


Many a times affiliate marketing leads us to spam; put your links all across at every platform and every tiny space. This becomes irritating for people. You can be flagged as result and could be banned from various platforms. In addition, you and your business start to get negative publicity. So, though you may be tempted to take this route, avoid it all cost.

So, go on. If you are good at sales and have a good network then affiliate marketing may ideal for you. Don’t hesitate to market but do avoid spamming. Remember this requires you to put in daily efforts.