Promoting Your Business Website

Just about every business should have a website in order to keep up with the times today. If your company or small business does not take advantage of the internet you are likely to suffer in this world full of technology. Customers are much more likely to stick with you when you offer them a way to interact with you, purchase products or services, and get useful information about your company online. If you don’t have a website and your competitors do, you will most likely lose your business just because you didn’t utilize the internet.

Creating your website can be a hassle but you will find that there are many simple ways to create a website with little or no experience at all. Most hosting providers will give you free templates and website builders that will let you make a customized website that fits your business style and appeal to your customers. Choose a domain name that is easily memorable and won’t get mixed up with any of your competitors. It’s always best to use paid shared hosting so that you can have a domain name that doesn’t have another website’s name in it. (For example you don’t want but rather you want this makes you look much more professional and reliable to your customers.

Once you have created your website and published it online you will want to promote your site. If your customers don’t know your website is available you won’t get any visitors. Using some simple tools can help your website get traffic, make money and advertise your business as well.

Social networking is used by millions of people around the world every day. Create a social networking page on either Facebook or Twitter and post relevant information about your business. Offer special pricing or bonus offers to customers who find you through social networking. The beauty of social networking is that when it’s done correctly and is appealing to people, they will pass it on to their friends and family and so on.

Using Google Adsense and using their tools and tips in creating a website that is search engine optimized and keyword rich will help your site be found by those looking for you. Submit your website link to as many online directories as you can find and maybe even purchase advertising through Google or other websites. Another way to let your customers know about your website is to advertise on paper. Signage in you office or retail location letting your customers know about your website will let them know you’re keeping up with the times and can now offer them service online.

Advertising your company in the phonebook with your new website address included in the ad as well as printing your website address on your business cards and in newspapers as well can help your current customers find your website as well as new customers. When it comes to promoting your website, there are endless possibilities; just make sure that your website is informative, helpful and ready for customers prior to your promotion.