Making Money from Home

Stay at home parents, college students, those who are unable to work out of the home and those who are just plain sick of their full time jobs can find many different ways to make money from home. These options are not ways to become millionaires, but are proven ways to make some extra income from home without running your own website.

One of the most popular ways to make money online today is taking online surveys. The more survey companies you sign up for and the more surveys you take, the more money you will make. Some survey companies have a limit on how many surveys you can take through their site, this is why it’s important to sign up for as many as possible. On these survey sites you will find low paying quick surveys, case studies that pay much more, product testing, and much more. Though it is important to do you research and make sure that there are others out there who have used the particular survey site that you are signing up for and have received their pay. Since taking online surveys is so popular there is likely to be a lot of scam artists out there trying to cash in on this popular topic. Never pay a survey company to become a member; that is the number one sign that you are being scammed.

Another reliable and honest way to make money online is to sign up for a freelance website. The most popular freelance website is called On this website there are thousands of employers hiring people to do their work for them and thousands of freelancers looking for work to make money online. When you sign up you can either become a free member or a gold member. A gold membership costs $25 a month but is worth it. You will notice that gold members get selected for jobs much more so than non-paying free members. This is because when you put up the money to have a gold star by your name, employers will know that you are serious about your work.

On a freelance website there are several different types of jobs you can do; these include creating websites, data entry, market research, writing articles or other content, writing eBooks, link-building, forum or blog posting, posting ads on Craigslist and so much more. If you have any computer skill it is likely that you will find an employer who is looking for you. It is tough to get hired the first time, but once you complete your first job and get a good feedback rating, other employers will be much more inclined to hire you for your services.

Another proven way to make money online is using an online auction site like Selling your unneeded items can be the best way to start out selling on Ebay and can also help you to clear out your old storage unit. Once you run out of things to sell at home, you can then search garage sales, second hand stores or even find a wholesale drop shipper that is reliable and then you can sell items and not have to worry about shipping!