Website Building for Beginners

If you have never built a website before it can be very frustrating and you might have no idea where to start. Thousands of people purchase hosting and then get stuck and give up simply because they don’t know where to begin. It’s possible to get a fully made website that you can easily customize to make your own, but most of these templates are used by thousands of other websites and can make your website look less original and less professional.

The first step in building a great website is to purchase hosting. You can find this for under $10 a month and you will get a lot of features that will help you along with the process of building your website. There are free web hosting providers, but normally you will have to use their website name in your URL for example: When you purchase shared web hosting you can buy your own domain and have it as This helps your website look more professional and reliable.

Choosing your domain name is the next step. You want to make sure that your domain name fits your niche and will be easy for your potential customers to remember. Though it seems that likely every good domain name is taken, there are still millions of different options to choose from. The .com ending is the most popular and is recommended so that your customers don’t accidentally happen upon a different website than your own.

Planning your website is imperative prior to starting your build. You should write out exactly what you want the website to be about, what content you want to provide, any graphics you’ll want, how many pages and what pages you’ll offer and the complete layout of the site.

Your next step will be to build your website by each page individually. You’ll need to come up with your design or use a template offered by your web hosting provider. It’s always a good idea to know the basics of HTML so that you can customize your page the way you want it. Learning CSS is also important so that you can change the way your website looks whenever you feel it’s necessary.  A webpage editor can help you learn the basics of design, CSS and HTML and can also help you generate a page on your own.

Once you have your design, content and layout complete and just the way you want it, you will then publish your website. Publishing your website means that your website will be live and ready for visitors. When your website is under construction, no one will be able to view your website, but once it is published through your hosting provider you will be ready and able to get traffic and make money through your brand new website.

After your website is published you will want to promote it. This can be buying advertisements, using social networking, sending newsletters to those on your email list and several other easy yet important ways to get traffic to your website.