4 Useful Tools to Profit from Your Website

Have you utilized PPC and CPM advertising? Sold direct advertising on your blog or website? Opened a private, paid forum and still aren’t making the profits you’d like to? Using more than just a few methods to make money on your website is the only way to really profit from your website. You might have even written an eBook and made a few sales by now, but there are a few more tools that you can use in order to profit from your website even more.

Paid Surveys and Polls:

There are many services out there that will pay a website owner to offer a small poll or survey on their website. You would sign up with the program, post their survey or poll on your website, advertise to your viewers to take the survey or poll and get paid! You can do this regularly or you can just do it every once in a while. If you notice your traffic increases or decreases when you have a poll or survey, use it more often or less often to keep up with your viewers.

Selling or Renting Your Internal Web Pages:

If you have a high traffic website or blog you can sell or rent out a page on your site for a fee. This will give advertisers or other website owners the chance to directly sell their product or service to your webpage viewers. You need to make sure that whoever you sell or rent your pages to is reliable and trustworthy so that you don’t offend or drive away your own traffic!

Highlighted Posts from Sponsors:

Highlighting posts from sponsors can help your sponsors advertisements be seen better. A sight called Techmeme utilizes this and charges their sponsors up to $5000 for a highlighted post! This can generate tons of income for you since it drives a lot of traffic to your sponsors.


Putting a link asking for donations for your website is another great way to generate income. When your visitors believe in your topic or have trust in you they will donate to your website in order to help you make it even better. When people feel like they are benefiting greatly from your website and you don’t have a product or service to sell directly, they may take it upon themselves to send you money for your services through a donation. You can also use a WordPress plugin that is called “Buy Me a Beer” that you can post anywhere on your site.

Using these simple methods of generating income can help you succeed in your online business. When you have a website that gets a lot of traffic and is important to your viewers and your sponsors you will be much better off and profit more by using these simple methods. Always make sure that any advertisers or sponsors used on your site are reliable and trustworthy so that you can keep your visitors, customers and members coming back to your website for more.