Writing Articles to Make Money from Home

A great way to make real money from home is to start your own article writing business. Website owners pay writers to write their website content, product descriptions, write positive reviews about their websites, and write articles to help promote their website. When you decide to start an article writing business, your best chances at succeeding start on a freelance website. It is rather simple to write articles and product descriptions and if you are determined to make a profit from this highly demanded service you can make a lot of money online from home!

Getting experience and the skills and reputation through a freelance website is sure to help you find clients, build a customer base and make a ton of money. When you first start out you might have to work for much less than you plan on making, but once you have made an impression on the freelance website and employers find that you are reliable and dedicated to your writing you will find work coming to you rather than you seeking it out.

Articles that are optimized with keywords make it more possible for website owners to get traffic to their websites. These keywords, when used properly, are the main thing that Google searches for when giving results to a person searching for something. When someone’s website is a perfect match with the right amount of keywords, their website will show up higher on the Google search results page. This way the website owner will get more traffic and more sales.

When you write freelance articles it’s important to know what you’re doing. You cannot ever copy someone else’s work. It’s ok to rewrite information but it has to come out perfectly unique. The way you can test your articles to find out if they are completely unique is to use a service like CopyScape. This website allows you to copy and paste your article into the textbox, click on submit and find out if your article has been plagiarized or copied in any way.

If an article is copied or plagiarized and is then posted on someone’s website, Google will most likely reprimand the website for copying; the website that the content was copied from could also end up being reprimanded as well. When a website has plagiarized material it will almost always rank very low in the search engines. This is why a quality, unique and skilled article writer is always in demand.

Website owners will pay a lot of money to get have their website content, product descriptions and promotional articles and reviews fresh and original. Since there are thousands of new websites battling for the top spot in Google and other search engines every single day, the number of articles you can write is pretty much unlimited. All you have to do is prove that you are a skilled and original writer who doesn’t copy others work, uses proper grammar, spelling punctuation and can keep readers’ attention and you will be on your way to a successful article writing business online.