Step 2 – Set Up A Web Host Account

Alright, now that you have your domain ready, it is time to put it in use!

How to choose the best hosting provider? There are two simple rules you want follow when making this decision:

  • Avoid cheap offers,
  • Choose an established host!

If you look around a little, you will find tons of hosts offering incredibly low pricing, but is it really worth it? Simply put – if you want your website to run smoothly and not to have large periods of down-times, then no – it’s definitely not worth it.

We would like to suggest a reasonably priced, well established hosting service called Hostgator.

Hostgator has been around for quite some time now and has a reputation of being fast, reliant and a very customer-friendly host. It also offers unlimited bandwidth (very large traffic support) and unlimited disk space (no limit on the upload capacity).

Hostgator Coupon

- Here’s how to set up a web hosting account with Hostgator:

1) First you need to visit the hostgator website by clicking this link:

When you land at their site, you will notice a big ‘View Web Hosting Plans’ button right in front of you. See it? Go ahead and click that.

Since you only have 1 domain you wish to host, select a ‘Hatchling plan’

Choose how long you wish to use their service for, and then hit Order Now!

2) You will be asked if you wish to register a new domain name, or use an existing one. Since we have already registered a domain name, choose an existing one:

Enter the domain name you’ve purchased and press Continue to Step 2

3) Fill in the account and billing information, and hit Create Account!

Your hosting plan will become active and ready for use as soon as it is processed and configured (this usually takes up to 1 hour).

You will also be sent an e-mail containing vital information such as your login info and name servers (which you will need later to link up your domain), so remember to store it somewhere safe.

It’s as simple as that! Was this hard? It literally took you 5 minutes to do it…


Now that you have these two pieces of the puzzle (the domain name and the hosting service), it is time to link them together!

This is a really simple thing to do, but most people freak out when they hear about messing around with their domain, changing stuff like DNS, name servers, etc.

Don’t worry – it is easier than you think. We will guide you every step of the way!

1) Go back to your domain provider, type in:

If you are not already logged in, go ahead and do it at the top of the site:

2) Put your mouse over the Domains tab and select GO TO… My account… Domain Management:

3) Click on your domain name and you will be taken to a new page where you can configure everything about your domain, including the scary name servers!

Look for something like this:

4) Click on Set NameServers and this little window should pop up:

Select ‘I have specific nameservers for my domains’ and type in the information you were given upon registering your web hosting plan for both Nameserver1 and Nameserver2. Leave the other two blank.

You can find this information enclosed in the e-mail you received from Hostgator when you ordered the hosting service.

Click OK to confirm. Changes will usually take 2 hours to take effect.

5) You’re done!

Congratulations – you have just successfully linked a GoDaddy domain to a Hostgator hosting account! Note that the change might take some time to become effective.

If you experience any further problems regarding this issue, feel free to contact the Godaddy help staff and ask for assistance. They will be glad to help you out.

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