How to Make a Website for Your Family’s Enjoyment

Many families live miles away from each other and are constantly exploring ways to keep communication flowing between all members of a family. Many have turned to social media as a way to keep communication open with family members but individuals can get lost in the millions of other users using the same social media website. One way to personalize the communication and keep it open among all members of a family is to create a website dedicated to sharing and communicating with family members. This document will not cover the technical aspects of how to make a website but rather the structural aspects that will be important when designing, creating, and publishing a website.

One method that can be effective in sharing communication, pictures, and videos is through the use of a blog or forum. This type of website works similarly to social media but since it is a personal website there are no other individuals or families using the same website. Blogs allow for an individual author or authors to post content to the blog in text, picture, or video format. Other family members can leave comments on the blog for others to see but typically cannot post content of their own. Using a forum will give all users the opportunity to post content to the website in any format. Permission to post is granted by users signing up as members of the forum that the administrators of the website will approve or disapprove accordingly.

Another popular method for creating a family website is using basic website design. Basic website design allows for a main page and any number of additional pages as the web designer sees fit. Individual pages can be dedicated for specific elements. For example, a page linked to the home page of the website can be dedicated to photos of a family vacation and another for sports events. In a basic website, the posting of content to the website is generally limited to those given access to the source code of the website. This limitation makes a basic website ideal for families wanting to share and communicate but does not allow for communication to be returned via the website.

There are a number of methods on how to make a website that a person should consider before undertaking the actual creation of a website. To narrow down the methods to a select few, it is important that a person have a general idea of what he or she wants to accomplish with the family website. The website can serve as a means of sending communications about family events and other relevant topics. It can also serve as a way to share pictures and videos of family outings, family sports events, and much more. The overall website design will be dependent on what an individual plans to share with his or her family. Learning how to make a website will open up other methods that can be used for a family website.