Looking For An All In One Shopping Cart & Web Builder Solution

Do you need a little more from your website? Perhaps a shopping cart facility, easy web builder, merchant accounts, the ability to process credit cards securely, manage inventory etc.

Let’s face it: transitioning a business to the web can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t do a lot of work online as it is. Part of the problem is the amount of terminology that’s thrown at you. 64 bit or 128 bit security? SSL? It can all be a painful chore. But one of the techniques that can simplify setting up your online store is to think of everything in the same terms as a brick and mortar store.

What would you say to an employee who worked 24 hours a day, didn’t ask for breaks or time off, was guaranteed to be trustworthy in handling your money, and would shout to the hills about every promotion, every special offer, and every item in your inventory? You’d probably say “you’re hired”. If you’re looking for a shopping cart program, that kind of dream employee can easily become a reality. Veracart has been specifically designed from the ground up to meet the needs to small business owners who want a simple, easily expandable answer to the online shopping riddle.

Opening Up

One of the hardest things about online shopping cart systems is the installation. If you’ve ever tried to put something like osCommerce onto your web server, you know that it can be a huge headache even loading it onto your webserver. You’ve got to worry about MySQL, localhosts, PHP scripts, permissions — it can be quite the headache. One of the things about Veracart that stands out from the competition is that it’s a totally hosted solution. That means that your shopping cart is already hosted on Veracart’s website. If you’ve got the skills to copy and paste some text, you’ve got the skills to put a fully functional Veracart on your website. You can breathe easy about setting your cart up, and you can be just as relaxed about being able to take payments. That’s because Veracart is already configured to take every major card, checks, money orders, and PayPal.

Locking It Down

Another constant concern is security. So many customers don’t even bother shopping online because they’ve been terrified by sleazy local news reports with ominous headlines. It’s tough to make headway online unless you can assure shoppers that your transaction is going to be completely secure. That’s why with Veracart, there’s a tremendous focus on security. They use the same PCI-DSS security standards used at all the big banks, a US military grade encyption standard, a daily security inspection by Security Metrics, one of the top online security companies on the planet, and they store customer databases completely online, making them 100% immune to hacking. When you go it alone or use an open source shopping cart solution, it’s up to you to keep things up to date and secure. But with Veracart, you’re using a company that has to keep a pretty big chunk of the web secure — they can only fford the very highest standards. And if companies like West Coast Customs and US Canteen can trust Veracart, you can too!

Telling The World

Every business owner needs to know the value of SEO. Search Engine Optimization helps your site rank higher on Bing, Yahoo, and Google – which means that the people who want what you sell can find you really easily. Veracart optimizes every item you sell so that search engines can find, like, and recommend your inventory. They also keep in touch, reporting your rankings and letting you know about any negative reviews of your site. That’s how Veracart marketing services can help bring a virtual geyser of traffic directly to your website.

Finally, you can learn more about Veracart by working with it hands on. These guys are offering a free trial that allows you to put up to 100 products on your page and start making sales right away. For all the technical wizardry these guys do, the customer support they provide is probably their smallest feature. You’ll never have any problems talking to a real human while you do your evaluation. When you’re done, these packages cost as little as $24 a month – practically nothing when you factor in the hundreds of dollars worth of promotion Veracart does for its customers constantly. Recommending Veracart is like recommending a Mercedes or sunshine – a completely obvious no-brainer. It’s a shoe-in for Employee of the Month at any office!